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Email Marketing Made Easy

Guide To Getting Better Email Marketing Results:
We take great care and effort to make sure your message is not blocked because it is coming from our servers. We have some very impressive measures in place to prevent our servers from getting blacklisted. Most importantly we make sure our outgoing message headers are well formed and meet all current standards and we make sure no SPAM is ever sent out. By SPAM we mostly mean messages that falsify information, scams, or too good to be true opportunities.

Our email template interface was designed to create the cleanest code possible, for maximum readability in the highest number of email browsers out there. Here are some tips to help you send better messages and get better results.

These Strategies Can Help:
  1. Use Our HTML Email Designer/Editor :
    An important first step is to try recreating the template from scratch with our system. Cutting and pasting code from other software into Internet Mail Manager is certainly permitted, but can cause issues like these in some browsers. (If it is within your budget, we are available to rewrite your code ourselves. A pricing estimate is available upon request)

    HTML created with other HTML editors is meant to be a web page and work great for that purpose. HTML for emails should be much cleaner. Your recipients email programs are not often capable of rendering complex HTML emails or ones that contain JavaScript. It is very bad to have any JavaScript in your HTML. Sometimes, style tags cause problems too.

  2. Text Link to HTML Version :
    Nothing is 100% universal when it comes to HTML emails. Even the simplest and cleanest HTML email may be blocked by a small percentage of email servers simply for being in the HTML format. One alternative is to host your HTML as a webpage and send out a text email to everyone with a link to the HTML version. However, text emails cannot be tracked in your open and click-tracking reports.

  3. User Defined Templates :
    Have a clean HTML template AND a text version. Even if you get messages from subscribers who can't view your HTML email, you can set them to receive the text version instead. You can give them the link to an HTML page on your site.

  4. Don’t Shout :
    If you think your message is being blocked because of the way your email is phrased, there are things you can do to improve it. Try not to SHOUT your message, don’t use to many exclamation points or DON’T WRITE IN ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. Try not to use bright font colors.

  5. Keep it Simple :
    The best piece of advice is to be BE CLEAR and HONEST. It is very important to have a clear subject line. Keep your message simple and to the point. Having overly long email text or html can get you blocked, too little text is also bad.

  6. Over-Reacting Email Service Providers :
    Some other servers out there like AOL or Comcast are so inundated with spam that they are overreacting and have overly sensitive filters. Over time filters and blacklists will get better. If your email is being blocked today, maybe in a month or two from now it won't.

  7. Unusual OS and Browser Combinations :
    Occasionally we find that there are people who use on older MAC or Linux OS's with old, unusual, or non-standard email programs. It is very hard to make interesting HTML emails that can be read by EVERYONE. There is definitely a point of diminishing returns.

  8. From Address :
    Our outgoing from address is "". This is so that we can track bounces. It also legally and correctly identifies the sender. Most email readers don't display this address, but show the friendly name instead like "John Smith" or "ACME Products". For an additional charge we can set up a special email account here that reads "". This gives your emails a more professional appearance.

It is important to keep in mind it that there will be a small percentage that can't read your messages. This portion should be less than one or two percent.


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