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Smart Greeting - Email Personalization


This is a sophisticated way to display the reader's name in an email. Using this tag will let you customize exactly how the name is formatted. Also, this process inserts no greeting context if the name fields are blank for any subscriber.

Simply insert this tag into your template copy. Modify as per the instructions below to change the context of your subscriber's name.

When compared with our competitors, IMM's SmartGreeting is the easiest to use and the most flexible. SmartGreeting always gets it right. No need to worry about missing first or last names, or capitalization, SmartGreeting figures that out for each individual in your list.

How To Use

  1. Begin with "<NAME-"
  2. Use upper case
  3. All six parameters (Use "X" if not wanted)
  4. Text or HTML emails
Paramters: (6 variables)
  1. Parameter 1: (position 1) - Salutation (D in the above example)

    The greeting before the reader's name:
    • D = Dear
    • H = Hi
    • E = Hello
    • X = no greeting

  2. Parameter 2: (position 2) - Prefix

    You must have imported prefix data in an import or added on the subscriber detail page.
    • P - inserts a prefix in there is one in your database.
    • X - inserts nothing (skips the prefix even if its in your database).

  3. Parameter 3: (position 3) - Name Format

    • F = First name only
    • L = Last name only
    • B = Both first and last name
    • R = Last name, first name (Reversed)

  4. Parameter 4: (position 4) - Suffix

    Insertion of the suffix (III, Jr., PhD, etc).
    • S - inserts a suffix if there is one in your database.
    • X - inserts nothing (skips the suffix even if its in your database).

  5. Parameter 5: (position 5) - Ending Character

    Specifies what punctuation (if any) you would like to display after the reader's name.
    • , comma
    • - dash
    • : colon
    • ; semi-colon

  6. Parameter 6: (position 6) - Capitalization

    Capitalization of the reader's name.
    • L - all lower case
    • M - Mixed Case: The First Letter Of Each Word Will Be Capitalized
    • X - Use the capitalization as it exists in your database


ExampleYour DataResult
<NAME-DPBS,M>"mr. john doe III"Dear Mr. John Doe III,
<NAME-DPBS:L>"JOHN"dear john:
<NAME-DPBS,M>No DataNothing Displayed
<NAME-XXBXXX>"mr. john doe III"john doe
<NAME-XXRXXX>"mr. john doe III"doe, john

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