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FAQ: Promlems with subscribers receiving email:

Q1: My email message is not getting to one or more of my recipients?

Q2: My email sent out ok, but the images don’t appear. What’s wrong?

Q3: One of my subscribers is getting my email, but is doesn’t look right or looks like jumbled up text.

Q4: My email message is sent out ok, but when the subscriber gets it, the subject line is changed by adding the word "SPAM" at the beginning. Why is this?

Q: My Email Message is not getting to One or More of My Recipients?

A: First, this is a common issue and there are many reasons that can explain why.
  • Is the email address correct?
  • Is the recipient in the group you are sending to?
  • Has your recipient’s email address changed
  • Recipients mailbox is full or their account has been disabled.
  • We have seen that AOL users can be more problematic as the default SPAM blocking tools are over-reactive and difficult to understand how to use effectively by users. Hopefully AOL’s software will get better in the future.
  • User may be using an unusual email program that does not support certain types of email messages. Our servers send standard multipart/alternative text/html messages. Some older end user software does not support this. This is very rare.
  • Your message may be blocked
    • 99% of the time this is the reason your message did not get through.
    • This is generally caused by bad email messages (SPAM/UCE). Please read our document on how to create more effective email messages/campaigns. The best thing you can do is write a clear email with pertinent content.
    • Sometimes your message will be simply trashed and sometimes it is bounced back with a message. There are no standards yet, so tracking the problems can be elusive.
    • We have seen where a personal virus filter like Nortan Antivirus, will block a valid incoming email message with no warning or explanation.
    • There are many reasons why an email can get blocked. This can be difficult to track down exactly at what point your message was blocked. In this current era, SPAM and viruses are a very serious problem for ISPs, companies, and individuals. Your email can get rejected at each of these three points. It can be hard to tell at what level.
  • Rarely, 303 Media’s servers may be blacklisted. We try very hard to not to get blacklisted. 303 Media and Internet Mail Manager has a very good reputation of staying clean or off blacklists, this is one of the benefits of using our service over others. Being blacklisted means a few companies will not accept any email from a given email address for a temporary period time, usually between 4 and 24 hours depending on the severity of abuse complaints to spam prevention companies. Being blacklisted is rarely the cause for why an email did not reach the subscriber. Being blacklisted is not generally a serious issue as not many companies block email servers that are on blacklists. The main reason is that perfectly good and legal email messages can get any company on a blacklist, and would therefore block messages that companies want to receive.
  1. Send a text only message and make sure it does not contain any strange words - does that get through?
  2. Ask user to turn off or relax their spam filter software on their personal computer or have user's company allow all messages from sender - does that get through?
If you wish to find out more about the Issues above, please use the internet as a resource tool to investigate further. No email service or provider can ever guarantee delivery. Often new issues pop up overnight regarding SPAM blocking. This is simply the nature of the ever-changing internet and email. 303 Media works very hard to stay on top of things and expends great effort to get as many email messages to your subscribers as possible.

303 Media charges a support fee for helping you track these issues down to a more precise answer.

Also, when your emails are mission critical, 303 Media offers an advanced premium service help you with these issues and reduce the chances of getting blocked.

Q: My email sent out ok, but the images don’t appear. What’s wrong?

A1: Make sure the images are specified correctly in your HTML in your template in Mail Manager. All images must reside on an internet web server, either yours or ours. To host your images on our server you need to upload each image and then using our web based HTML editer insert/place each image into your email message template. If this is a little confusing please call or email us for more information.

Often, people using Microsoft Word or FrontPage or Dreamweaver create email messages with images pasted from their computer. This pasted image resides only on your computer and generally cannot be seen by other people on the internet. When you paste HTML from your computer into Mail Manager, you need to make sure you upload and insert each image.

A2: Some subscriber’s email software prevents downloading images because of their default or custom settings. Some Miscosoft Outlook 2003 users have to right-click the image in your email and specify "Download Images". Or they may block images all together. Other email programs have this option as well.

  1. Rewrite your email message so that images are not so bulky and the text still looks presentable. If your subscriber can quickly know why you sent them email, then they are more likly to "Download Images".
  2. Send an optional text version to specific users.

Q: One of my subscribers is getting my email, but is doesn't look right or looks like jumbled up text.

A1: If you cut and paste HTML code from another program like FrontPage or Dreamweaver, it could easily be invalid for an HTML email message. For anti-spam and other reasons, your message can be interpreted as spam for some email programs. Make sure your HTML has no JavaScript in it. Keep DIV and STYLE tags to a minimum. Or you can choose not to do anything. Generally, there will always be a small percentage of a list that you cannot reach. This is usually less than 1%.

Resolution: Try sending text only version to this person.

A2: The recipients ISP or company server may be stripping out all HTML tags, showing only text. Or their email server is changing the type of message from HTML to plain text so the recipients email program doesn't know how to display it properly.

A3: The recipient may have received a FORWARDED message from another subscriber. Often forwarded messages get discombobulated or "converted" by Outlook or LotusNotes or others before the message is forwarded to the next recipient.
Resolution: encourage user to use the forward to a friend link Mail Manager creates. This way, when the email is "forwarded" they are getting their own crisp and clean version from Mail Manager. Plus this allows for better tracking information.

Q: My email message is sent out ok, but when the subscriber gets it, the subject line is changed by adding the word "SPAM" at the beginning. Why is this?

A1: This is common and is how SPAM filters often work. Basically their computer or email server has scanned the message for content and deamed the message as SPAM.

  1. Rewrite your email message is a fashion that is less likely to be labeled as SPAM
  2. Send a text only message.
  3. Ask user to relax the SPAM filtering software to let your message through.

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